Welcome to my "Wild West Tour Summary" information page.

I have been riding bikes off and on since I was 20 years old. I picked it up again in April of 2006 when I purchased my new Roadliner. By the way, that's me to your left looking as menacing as I can. I had never done any serious long distance riding until I bought this bike. I have done three tours since I got it. The first summer I just spent putting miles on locally to get a feel for the motorcycle. With me on it, it is a half ton and a lot of horsepower. The next summer (07), I did a 2700 mile "Blue Ridge Mountain" tour with my brother and my nephew. They are both very experienced long distance riders and I learned a lot from them about safety and preperation.

The following summer (08), the three of us connected with my buddy Dave and his dear wife Starr touring the Northeast. Starr passed away unexpectedly this past February, and her absence on this trip was felt deeply. Starr was a real road warrior, who logged many thousands of miles on the highways of our country, on the back of Dave's bikes. Our "Northeast Tour" included the Lake Champlain region and visits to Fort Ticonderoga, Lake Placid, and many venues in Vermont and New Hampshire. For me, that was about 1400 miles. We spoke about doing a western tour that summer. That tour is what this web site describes.

Of the three tours, it is difficult to single one out as the best. They each had there own unique qualites, and I would recommend any of them to anyone. From an endurance standpoint, the "Wild West" tour presented the most challenges. Almost 5500 miles in 16 days is extremely rewarding, but a long time away from home and a good piece of pocket change. However, if I could go on one more trip in my life, I would probably do this one again. The scenic beauty was unique and breathtaking, and as they say, the farther west you go, the nicer people seem to be. Of course...... I don't know if "they" have ever been to Chicago..... Also, the Black Hills area of South Dakota offers so much to see and do.

In the last three years, I have put 30,000 miles on my Roadliner. I hope the next three years hold as much two-wheeled travel for me as the past three years. All of my friends that ride are serious about motorcycling. None of them will own a bike for three years and sell it with 4000 miles on it. They all spend every possible minute on their bikes during the riding season, and some of them ride often in the winter months. Myself included. They are passionate about motorcycling. All that being said, let me say this..... Don't be a lemming!! Ride what you want to ride!! It is not about the bike. It is about freedom, and the open road.

I hope these pages provide some useful information for my fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. If so, then I am happy to have been of service. I hope to see you on the road. Be careful, and keep the shiney side up!!

If you have any questions, or want to share information, please feel free to e-mail me by clicking here!